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For all your accounts, book-keeping and tax return needs

We are a family book-keeping and accountancy service operating on the border of Essex and Suffolk covering the areas of Tendring, Colchester, Ipswich and surrounding locations. We all know that maintaining good financial records helps you keep in control of your business. Yet finding the time to complete your own book-keeping after a full day's work can be exhausting, and it's always the easiest thing to put off until tomorrow.

If you are fighting to find the time, or if you are struggling with the more technically complex elements of book-keeping, why not delegate your business book-keeping to us, because as freelance accountants we have the time not only to do your book-keeping, but if desired to offer you a full financial and management accounting function and tailored business consultancy.

We will provide you with an efficient, cost effective and personal service which will allow your business to become more competitive, help improve profitability and allow you to concentrate on other day to day business matters.

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getting things right

How we work in partnership with our clients

We like to meet all prospective clients to introduce ourselves, understand their needs and explain how our services can help them.

By keeping things hassle free and as simple as possible it allows us to cut their tax bills and reduces paperwork to the absolute minimum saving time and money making their business life easier.

We undertake work either on the client′s premises or working from our home office whichever, is easier for the client. As part of our on-going commitment to our clients we offer a telephone and email support service throughout the year.

Because our fees are very competitive we ask our clients to pay by monthly standing order in twelve equal instalments. This has a mutual benefit in as much as it enables clients to budget for our fees each month and also helps both of us in terms of cash flow.

We have found that for many of our customers we have saved them £s more than they have spent with us.

Our customers tell us the things they like best about us is our personal service, attention to detail and value for money that our services provide.

Struggle dealing with account?

Do you run your own company, and find it a struggle dealing with the accounts?

At Ovenden Accounting we are passionate about accounting and finance but we realise that not everyone is. We believe in freelance accounting an accounting service that frees you from:-

  • Frustration spending more time on accounting than on revenue generating projects.
  • Wasted time that you could use to build your business.
  • Deadlines and complicated statutory form filing.
  • Headaches getting the payroll right.
  • Worry at paying too much on accountant′s fees.
  • Customers not paying on time and thereby causing you cash flow problems.
  • Deciding what are legitimate business expenses to offset against income for tax purposes.
  • Keeping up to date with changes in legislation that impact on your business finances and tax returns.
  • Completing the quarterly VAT return.

Let us handle everything for you freeing you from these obligations and giving you the quality time you need and deserve to concentrate on winning and keeping your customers.

getting things right

Getting things right why it is so important

Both individuals and companies have to pay taxes, individuals pay income tax and companies pay corporation tax. If they are to pay the correct amount of tax they need to know how much they have bought and sold and what their taxable profits for the year are.

If they are out of touch with their profit and loss it could result in the failure of their business. Also it could mean accounts not being filed on time and incurring penalties and potential prosecution by HMRC.

If dividends are paid to shareholders the company needs to know how much is available for dividend distribution and the procedures to follow. If you take too much you will be breaking the law.

If you employ people you have to deduct the correct amount of tax and national insurance and ensure the PAYE tax figures are correct.

If turnover is above the VAT threshold you are required to charge VAT on your services and reclaim VAT on expenditure you have paid out to supply the services.

Accounts have to be filed annually with HMRC and in the case of a limited company with Companies House as well as preparing accounts in accordance with the Companies Act.